Blackmart Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

By | February 16, 2018

Blackmart Apk: Today there are many apps on the Google Playstore that are available for free download to the customers. But it can become utterly important in many cases to download some of the highly coveted Paid, Pro applications or games from the Playstore.

However, these apps and games are only available to the users if they are ready to pay the Premium version price. Most of the times, this price is higher than what a generic consumer is ready to invest on an app. Luckily, there are many alternate markets available today where you can gain access to these apps and download them for free. Blackmart is one of such market alternatives.

What is Blackmart Apk?

Blackmart Apk

Blackmart is one of the main alternative markets to Google Playstore available today. It is compatible for devices with an Android operating system. You can download the previously mentioned apps and games for free without any requirement of any registration or paid fee.

Unlike Google Playstore which also offers many incomplete applications that are still on their beta tests stages or are yet being polished and renewed with bug removals, Blackmart only provides applications that have been fully fleshed out and thoroughly tested and are now ready for the general public’s use.

Blackmart is an extremely easy to install, user friendly application and has a highly intuitive custom search that will certainly help find you easily what you are looking for.

Available to the consumers in numerous languages which they can select for Blackmart to work in, it is one of the best alternative markets for users that comes filled up to the brim with great applications, completely free for direct download. You can choose amongst a plethora of applications categorically or independently and it is regularly updated so that you have access to the latest and best available applications.

Blackmart Apk FEATURES –

  • Free download and easy installation process.
  • Supported on all versions of Android.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • All apps and games available for free download, without any registration or membership payment.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Unlimited access to all the apps and games.

How to install Blackmart Apk?

There is not an official site of Blackmart where you can download it from and it not available on Playstore too.

However there are many sites on the Internet providing you free download. You can download Blackmart easily from here

Scroll down on the page and choose “Download APK from secure source”. It will start an automatic download.

  • Package Name – org.blackmart.market_v0.99.2.93B-992093_Android-2.3.apk
  • Developer – Blackmart team
  • Version – v0.99.2.93B (992093)
  • File Size – 4.07 MB

Compatible in – Android Kitkat, Lollipop and others.

Do keep in mind that while downloading it on your Android device, in many cases, the device might pop up some warning alert and might not allow Blackmart to be installed. This problem can be seen in Android devices when you are trying to install an application that is not originally from the Google market. Not to worry though, you can easily tackle this situation by following these steps –

1) You need to go to your device’s Settings.
2) Open ‘Safety and Privacy’.
3) Check the ‘Unknown Sources’ box.
This will allow Blackmart to be installed on your Android device without any hiccup.

After the application is downloaded, tap on the notification displayed on your device, select the ‘Install’ button and it will automatically start the installation.

When the installation is complete, you can access the application easily and browse through the various free apps available to find what you want.

Some downloaded applications might not work on your device if that current version is incompatible for your Android. However, most of the apps are available in numerous formats and versions amongst which you can choose the one that work for you the best.
Is it safe to use Blackmart?

Even though most of the softwares available on Blackmart are safe, there are some harmful applications that could prove to be a danger to your device’s safety. It is a place where Android users can upload apps and games on their own and there is a possibility that someone might include harmful codes into these apps and upload and share them with the public. There are many sites available though which can scan your apk file, such as

Does the Android device need to be rooted to install apps from Blackmart?

no, the Android device does not require root in order to install apps from Blackmart.

Is Blackmart Apk legal?

Technically, no, it is not legal. Google holds the legal rights to provide apps in the Playstore. However, any chance of a legal action being taken is close to nil.

Conclusion –

In a nutshell, this is a perfect platform for an Android user to get easy access to free apps and games that are not available free of cost on the Playstore. It does come with its danger of unsafe applications and legal ramifications but being careful, these can certailnly be avoided. It is easy to use and will definitely prove to be helpful in letting you have the premium apps.

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